Welcome to the Humezean Chronicles WikiEdit

This is a private wiki for me to organize my thoughts about the multi-book series I've been planning since 2015. It's not perfect, far from it, but it's a start.

If you somehow happened upon this site, please be polite and don't contribute or vandalize.

Humezean ChroniclesEdit

This series is the story of a young woman named Razulia who lives in a fantasy world. After being sent to boarding school, she discovers that she is not human, as she believed she was. Instead, she is a Humezean, a magic-using species with blue skin and living shadows that eat souls. Along her journey, she meets many colorful characters, including a half-Humezean teacher with a storied past, a brother and sister who are heirs to a crime family, a dying queen with a manipulative scheme, a mysterious man from another continent, a beautiful young woman with a familial secret, and others. All these adventures take place between two war-weary countries, one human and one Humezean, struggling through an uneasy peace.

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